Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend fun

Busy weekend. Saturday was baseball then grandmas house to swim with cousins. Sunday was a classmates birthday party for Ry then all of us up to a fellow Guatemalan babes1st birthday party. Happy Birthday Isabella!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Nora is 11 months

And has been home for 3 months now. She very much knows who mama and dada are. Shes a total drama queen when she is hurt (even if shes really not hurt). She mimics lots of words/sounds. Stands up on her own and will take steps if you hold her hands. The boys love walking her around the house. She gives out kisses on her own and will do it when you ask for "besos". When shes tired she will rub her head and snuggle into us. Shes so darn cute and we love having her in our lives!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Odd phone call

We get home from dinner last night (Bartolotta's in Tosa, SO GOOD!!) to find a voicemail from the Centers of Disease Control. I guess they called 3 times and I told my hubby to call them back asap as it sounded legit.
Person he talked to last night said they are contacting people on a flight but my husband wasnt on the one she said (from Ohare to Fargo).
SO, today we get a call from the US Governement on our caller ID so I pick it up. Actually she got part of her info wrong. The flight originated in Munich to Ohare and it was the flight my husband was on last month.
Ends up someone on the plane had rubella and they need to follow up and ensure all the passengers were immune. So if my husbands doctor doesnt have record of a vax or titer they will contact the local health department who will set up a blood draw to see if he is immune.
They said 50% of people with rubella do NOT have any symptoms so he may not know even if he did pick it up.
Odd phone call.
The boys in their matching (they picked them out) outfits. Ry's face does look funny but that was better than it had been. Hes sensitive to bugbites and one on his forehead had his whole forehead,nose and eyelid swollen for a few days.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Lil' Brewer

First of all, my new camera is fixed so I hope its taking better photos now. I only had it 2 months and it seemed all the pictures I took were a bit blurry and grainy. I sent it into Canon for service (free, they sent a shipping label) and got it back in a week. They said the optical assembly was inoperative meaning my focus and everything was not working properly at all. Glad it wasnt just my eyes.
Ry loves playing baseball. Hes so excited to be on the Brewers. Here he is in uniform. They had lots of rain this season so many of his games were rained out and we have to make them up now. You can see the ponds of water in some of the pics.
By his choice, he is also taking a 4 day class on how to play tennis. Hes actually pretty good at it!

Happy Anniversary!

We celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary on June 18th. We both have our faults but luckily we can tolerate with each other. :)
I was playing around with the camera settings the other day. We are so lucky to have these 3 little ones in our life.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

I hope everyone had a nice Fathers Day. We had a relaxing day. We went to a small local parade then had dinner at the inlaws with some swimming. Ive taken lots of photos lately but the kids are just too cute. Nora LOVES the water (as long as its warm).

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Schools Out FINALLY!

Today is Ryan's last day of school. All handsome this morning.
Evan and Nora enjoying some fun in the sun (and sand) last week.

Ryan is little but strong. Nora weighs almost half of what he does. :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Wet weekend

Yucky weather but no flooding or water damage here. The storms woke the boys up but Nora has been sleeping thru the night now for almost a week. YEAH!!
We went to my uncles house on Saturday night for dinner and Evan thought it was fun to spin around in the rain. Poor kiddo was drenched!
Ryan had his first baseball game of the season (he had to miss the first few because of dance conflicts) and he did good. Hes so excited his team is the Brewers this year. He is #2 so daddy had to get a matching #2 Bill Hall tshirt for the games. He plays on Thursday nights and Saturday mornings. Its coach pitch baseball for the 7-8 yr olds but they do have outs and keep score this year.
Nora LOVES being outside. Its the first time weve had a crawler in the summer months so thats a bit new for us. Weve been putting our pack n play outside but she will only stay in it for so long before wanting out. We have to watch her though when shes in the grass because she still puts everything in her mouth! Shes been having some bad hair days. Weve been calling her Don King because it always sticks straight UP! Even with shampooing and throwing tons of water on it some days it just doesnt stay down. So I gave up and starting putting in the ponytail on top of the head. Theres not much to it but it looks better than the Don King 'do. Our sweet little Watermela. :)
Jim and I went to see A Midsummers Night McGivern at the Stiemke Theater downtown which was really funny. Jim is taking a class on How to Tell Tales and its taught by John McGivern so he gave his class free tickets to the matinees so we went on Sunday. In July Jim is going to have to get up on stage and tell a 7-8 minute story. Last week was his first class and they wrote down somethings that were important in their lives and other fond memories. The class then chose what each person would be doing their story on. Its a free show on July 7th. It should be fun hearing everyones stories.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ryan's recital weekend

Ryan loves to dance so last fall we signed him up for an all boys jazz/hip hop dance class. Hes the youngest kid in the class but has alot of fun and tries his hardest. Well this weekend is recital weekend. He did a show last night and then another this afternoon. He is SICK (fevers of 102) but still insists on going. Motrin is helping and he has no other real symptoms but being tired. Up on stage you can tell he is nervous but hes trying and the whole group looks cute. They dance to a song from High School Musical 2 "Bet on It".
And I promised to post more photos so here some from this month. Nora really does love the swing and isnt scared like she looks in the photo. She thought the bounce house was great on Memorial Day. Evan loves playing in his sandbox and getting dirty!
My new camera isnt working great so I have to send it in for a couple of weeks but I have my backup camera.:)