Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Nora

Nora turned 2 yesterday. She enjoyed the cake and kept asking "more please" when opening her gifts. Our little girl is growing so fast!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer is half gone

I worked July 4th weekend so not many photos. Jim pretends he cant use a camera. He says its because he has no photography skills but I remind him you can computer edit alot.
I took the kids to the zoo today. A rare nice summer day AND I had off of work. I took them into the Wings Down Under bird exhibit. Ry was okay until the birds really started flying down on us. He was afraid he was going to get pooped on. Evan was the bird magnet and loved feeding them. Nora was fascinated by the birds but kept trying to bop them on the head with the birdseed popsicle stick to try to get them to eat.
The tshirts they did at the gym childcare. The boys wanted them to be red and blue. But we didnt have alot of time and it was hard to really tie dye with all those kids and only 3 buckets. So they quick dip in the blue and red of course made them purple. They decided to make Noras plain yellow so that was easy.