Wednesday, May 28, 2008

WELCOME to our new family blog!

I really enjoyed blogging during Nora's adoption process but shes home now and we are settling into being a party, or shall we say, fiesta of 5. If you want to find our adoption journey blog its still
For those just finding us, heres us in a nutshell. Im Amy, wife, mom to 3 great kids and a crazy nut myself (so I get told alot). I work part time as an ER/trauma nurse. I love my job but I love even more than I can work hours that allow me to be home with the kids all day and only be away for a few hours while they are sleeping. Im not crafty. I hate to clean. I love taking photos. I love to travel. Im a bad cook so hubby does it (he could be a chef hes so good). Hubby Jim is a manager in a manufaturing factory. Hes growing grapevines in our yard to make his own wine. We live in Wisconsin and yes theres grapes that will grow here. We arent perfect but we are learning along the way.
Ryan is 7 and finishing first grade. He's a great kid. Just wants to make people laugh (even when it gets him in trouble sometimes). He's been our challenging kid from the start but couldnt imagine him any other way. He has an awesome imagination. Right now he says he wants to be an archeologist or scientist when he grows up. He has received special education thru our public school district since he was 3 and hes done an amazing job and come such a long way. He is the BEST big brother around.

Evan is 3 and too smart for his own good. Not exactly a book smart kid (although hes pretty smart there too) but this kid is constantly making us laugh with the things he comes up with. His verbal responses to the world will be making their way here often Im sure. He loves being outside and playing with friends. He wants to do everything big brother does. Its monkey see monkey do at our house 24/7. He is so sweet and just a real lovebug.

And last but not least, Nora who is now 10 months old. She was born in Guatemala and has been home for 2 months. She is adjusting amazingly well. Not sleeping thru the night but down to waking up once for a bottle pretty much. She is an explorer and into EVERYTHING. She has 7 teeth and everything she finds ends up in her mouth. She eats more than kids twice her size. She is crawling and pulling herself up to standing. She has the cutest dimple (just one) and is just a pure joy.

So this starts our family blog. I plan on updating and adding photos pretty regularly now. I promise!!!!