Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

We hope everyone had a great holiday. Nora had a wonderful first Christmas at home. Its pretty busy and hectic with 3 kids but we toned the activities down a bit so we could just relax and enjoy. The kids all loved their gifts, every single thing. Ry loved all his new legos but his favorite gift was his new Nintendo DS. He was so surprised he was speechless. Hes been asking for one for years but we told him not until he turned 10. But hes been such a good big brother this year and with our long Easter drive coming up we decided it was time to let him have one. Evan loves his WallE computer, his r/c car, and his pizza chef playset. I dont think he could pick a favorite as he thought everything was just "awesome"!! Nora was totally into opening presents which was cute. You would hand her a gift and her eyes would get all big and she would get a little half smile and just tear in. Shes 17 months old today and saying about 15 words.
Life is good. LOTS of pictures to look at. I took quite a few. Its very hard to get photos of kids though and trying to get multiple kids in the same shot to look at the camera was next to impossible so I think these are about the best we could do.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow storm

Ry has off of school today. Thanks to Uncle Cory the driveway got cleared this afternoon as Jim had to go into work. I work tonite again. The trio had to go outside of course when Uncle was over. Poor Evan kept getting stuck in the snow it was so deep. Nora thought eating it was tasty.
Im putting up some recent pics of Nora. Shes dressed up for a little family get together we had last weekend. Shes giving her signature diva glare that Nora is famous for. Then her riding poor ol' man River again.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Got to go to two birthday parties this past weekend. Both were friends from his preschool. One was outside at a petting zoo. Yes outside in Wisconsin in December. They got to feed ducks, chickens, goats, pigs, and even a llama. It was cold but it wasnt snowing or really windy and the kids had fun. Santa was there and Evan walked right up and plopped on his lap. His buddy had to quickly jump in though too. His party was the day before. :)