Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back from Arizona

We got back from our unplanned last minute trip to visit family in Arizona on Sunday night (actually 1am Monday morning to be exact). The kids LOVED playing with their cousins they hadnt seen in a few years. We took them on some hiking trails around Phoenix and basically just relaxed by the pool most of the time. Temp was about 100 every day. Now the boys are BEGGING us to get an inground pool so they can learn to swim better they say. Now we are slowly getting the house organized again. We need a vacation from our vacation!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Muchos fotos

Random pics from the last couple of weeks. Ry's dance recital photos are by Frophoto and scanned in.
Hard to get a pic of Nora lately. She either doesnt want to look at the camera. Or shes talking or her eyes are closed. Sometimes I just give up and take a picture of her having a fit. :)
On Ry's team all players switch off positions. Yes hes a lefty.
And Evans just been a crabby busy body. Hes got a bad case of the 4 year old whines.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Ry and his group did great at their recital last weekend. The lil' cowboys danced to Cotton Eyed Joe. It was just the four boys ages 7 and 8. They had a good time!
Weather is slowly warming up for good so Evan and Nora have been getting outside play time. Last day of school is June 11th.
Baseball has started. Ry's second year of coach pitch. Hes playing on the Orioles. Games twice a week thru June.