Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!

A day early but hey. The gym childcare had a V day party today so I got Nora all dressed up. Evan refused to wear red and insisted on his blue shirt. He still looked cute.
The pics of Ry are from his first Pinewood Derby in January. He didnt have the quickest car but his den chose him as "Dens choice" for favorite car design so he got a trophy. He has it proudly displayed on his new desk in his room he got for his birthday.
All 3 kids had a bad GI bug last week so that was not fun for mom and dad. We got out of it relatively unharmed though but have done so much laundry its unreal.
I started my new hours. Im working less days but longer hours each day. Only 8 days a month vs. 14. So far so good.